Puzzle #37 Solution

Hi all – sorry for the delay in posting a new puzzle; all of my metapuzzling efforts since Friday have been devoted to solving the MGWCC, which I very nearly didn’t. I will try to get this week’s puzzle up later today.













Last week’s grid (which I constructed quite a while ago when I was even worse at filling grids than I am now and consequently had some pretty bad stuff in it) had black squares in all four corners. Around the perimeter were the entries DRIVER, ICE-ICE, GRAND, NO OTHER, BYE BYE, BELUGA, SANTA, and GOT BACK, arranged so that adding “BABY”
either before or after those entries, according to where they sat in relation to the black squares in the corners, made popular songs. So the movie line you had to defy was the iconic line “Nobody puts Baby in a corner,” spoken by a defiant Patrick Swayze to a paternalistic Jerry Orbach in Dirty Dancing, which was the meta answer. (The puzzle’s title, “Grey Areas,” referred to Jennifer Grey, the actress who played Baby.)

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