Puzzle #45 Solution

Once again I find myself apologizing that I haven’t gotten a new puzzle ready for Tuesday, as promised last week. Some additional work responsibilities have come my way recently, and I may need to move to an every-other-week schedule … we’ll see. Meanwhile, here at least is last week’s solution.













I asked for a book of the Gospel … and then I put all four books of the Gospel in the grid itself, each one clued simply as such. So what was the deal?

The title was “Good News, You’re In The Right Place.” Good News, of course, is a way of referring to the Gospel. So which of the four was in the right place? To figure that out you had to look at the three long entries, PRINCE CASPIAN, IN IT TO WIN IT, and CURSE OF CHUCKY. Each of those is a title in a longer series of books/movies. Prince Caspian was the second (in publication order – I’m not even gonna get into this stupid controversy) of the Chronicles of Narnia; In It To Win It is number four in the Bring It On series; and Curse of Chucky is the sixth in the Child’s Play franchise. What you had to figure out is that each one of those was also “in the right place,” thusly:

PRINCE CASPIAN, which is #2 in a 7-part series, is at 27-across;
IN IT TO WIN IT, which is #4 in a 6-part series, is at 46-across; and
CURSE OF CHUCKY, which is #6 in a 7-part series, is at 67-across.

Well, there are four Gospels, and in the Bible they appear in the order MATTHEW, MARK, LUKE, JOHN. So MARK, which is #2 of 4 Gospels, is in the right place because it appears at 24-down in the grid.

I will try to get another puzzle out soon!

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