Puzzle #52 Solution and Puzzle #53, "Where Does It End?"













Howdy folks – I hope you’re adjusting to whatever your new reality is. Last week’s puzzle, “Character Set,” was pretty straightforward – I thought a more modest challenge might be welcome in such stressful times, and many of you agreed. There were five obvious themers and the prompt asked for a five-letter answer. Here’s the rundown:

The five long entries start with the first names of some familiar (and at least one probably-not-familiar!) fictional animal characters:

The above “character set” features SMOKEY BEAR, PETER RABBIT, WOODSY OWL, OSSIE OSTRICH, AND DEPUTY DAWG. (No, I had never heard of Ossie either.) Put together the first letters of each animal (Bear – Rabbit – Owl – Ostrich – Dawg) and you get the meta answer, BROOD, one meaning of which is a set of animals (though to be fair, usually the same kind of animal …)

Up next is Puzzle #53, “Where Does It End?”


The answer to the metapuzzle is a grid entry that could make a fifth theme entry – one the other four combine to hint at. Submit your answer using the contact form by 11 pm Pacific Time on Monday, March 30. The puzzle gods willing, I will publish a new puzzle next Tuesday. Uncertain times …

To keep up with the puzzles: Twitter @pgwcc1; follow the blog for email reminders; rss feed if you’re set up for that.

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