Puzzle #80 Solution

So … I sorta disappeared there, didn’t I? (Maybe I should have stopped at Puzzle #78.) Sorry about that. Work, and then the crazy election, derailed all my puzzle-making efforts.

Many weeks later, here’s the solution to Puzzle #80, “Where Have I Seen That Before?” The prompt asked for something that had been the answer to a previous pgwcc puzzle.

The theme entries are all three-word phrases. Successful solvers noticed that the initial letters spelled out major U.S. airport codes:

MDW = Midway International Airport
MCO = Orlando International Airport
JFK = John F. Kennedy International Airport
ORD = O’Hare International Airport
IAH = George Bush Intercontinental Airport

Notice that none of these airport codes starts with the same letter as the city it serves. And that’s it – answer the question “where have I seen that [airport code] before?” and you spell out the answer:

New York

CONCH was the answer to Puzzle #69, and it’s the answer again here. Alas it has nothing to do with

So, 80 puzzles in the bag and I appear to have lost a lot of steam to continue this project. Will I be back? I think so, at least sporadically, but I am again swamped at work this week so it’s not gonna be now.

Luckily, there are more great metas than ever these days. If you’re looking for more, this is a great place to start.

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